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Retrospective Analysis Fueled by Deep File Inspection (DFI™)
RetroHunting™ White Paper
InQuest Machine Learning (ML): Augmenting human analysts to tackle the ever-increasing talent gap.
Machine Learning™ White Paper
Data Loss Discovery Driven by Deep File Inspection (DFI™)
Data Loss White Paper

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InQuest combines Deep File Inspection (DFI) and RetroHunting™ to bring the threat hunting capabilities of VirusTotal Intelligence to your own environment. VirusTotal provides analysts with powerful tools to threat hunt against millions of files, domains, and IPs, but has the drawback of not currently offering a self-hosted option for organizations that wish to keep their data private.

InQuest helps organizations in both threat-hunting and incident response through the use of our RetroHunt capability. This allows users to search back through mass amounts of sessions and files on newly created signatures. Weekly releases of new InQuest signatures ensures we stay on top of the latest threats and exploits, while RetroHunt makes sure you stay alerted if they appear in your environment.