Threat Hunting Operations Augmentation


We supplement your staff with our team of subject matter experts that have been on the frontlines and in the trenches identifying and mitigating threats for nearly the last two decades.


We augment your analytical workflow by utilizing intelligent automations and data orchestration through our platform's strategic integrations.


We enhance your analytical capabilities with the introduction of our platform into your environment. Your staff will no longer need to spend precious hours performing manual, tedious analytical tasks to identify threats targeting your organization.

This will not only eliminate alert fatigue and frustration, it will also allow them to focus their time on investigating true positives and performing incident remediation.


With the addition of our platform to your environment, the increased visibility and data enrichment will empower you to make critical decisions on what actions must be taken to intelligently defend your Enterprise.

Our Managed Threat Hunting Services

Early warning notifications of Threat Actors planning to target your organization and recommendations for mitigation.

24x7 Continuous Threat Hunting and Monitoring leveraging the InQuest Platform and strategic integrations within your environment.

Real-time notifications of Threats detected and/or prevented.

Quarterly Briefings on all Threat Activity.

Initial and Semi-Annual Security Posture Reviews of your Infrastructure.

Existing IOC (signatures, artifacts, etc.) import as well as ongoing custom development support.

24x7 Access to a dedicated InQuest Threat Analyst.

Detailed Threat Activity Reports for each Incident Identified.

Reoccurring Threat Reporting Tailored to your Environment and Operational Objectives.